Which Market Should I (day) Trade? - Support & Levels 5.21.2018
Dear Traders,
Which Market Should I be (day) Trading?
1. Know and follow more than one market. I think one should have familiarity and follow about 5 different markets ( or more depending account size and time) in general.
2. Understand what type of market conditions you trade better in? Volatile? dead, choppy or perhaps trending?
3. Have a view of these markets from longer term outlook and behavior.
4. Trade the markets that fit your strengths.
Example: If I am following gold, crude, bonds, mini nasdaq and mini SP for educational purposes.If I know that I trade better in markets that have larger intraday swings and volatility than lets say trending markets or quiet markets I wouldbe focusing on the mini NASDAQ as my primary market now days as it is the one fitting my profile the best.
If choppy markets suits my trading style better, I would probably look at gold as of recently.
This will change as markets go through different cycles, from lower volatility to higher volatility. Trending to choppy etc.

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