Cotton futures are trading 56 to 91 points in the red on Wednesday, despite another round of sharp losses in the US dollar. The National Cotton Council estimates that the US 17/18 export number will reach 15 million bales. That is 500,000 bales more than the USDA has projected after lowering its estimate last week. The USDA Adjusted World Price or AWP currently at 69.45 cents/lb will be updated on Thursday. The Cotlook A index on February 13 was 87.35 cents/lb, down 20 points from the previous day. Cash sales reported on the Seam were shown at 6,295 bales on Tuesday, with the average price down 190 points from the previous day at 67.11 cents/lb.

Mar 18 Cotton is at 75.47, down 91 points,

May 18 Cotton is at 76.8, down 60 points

Jul 18 Cotton is at 77.86, down 56 points