Volatile Markets - Be Careful!! Grains Weather Updates! 2.09.2018


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Dryness Extensive Across Southern Plains Wheat Belt

Moisture levels have remained very low across the majority of the hard red wheat belt in the central Plains throughout the winter, with moderate drought now widespread across eastern Colorado into central Oklahoma, and severe to extreme drought located in southern Kansas, Oklahoma, and much of central and northwestern Texas (see map below).

The outlook for the next few weeks shows an upturn in moisture across the northern Plains, with Colorado and Nebraska likely to see some notable improvements in moisture in the form of snowfall. Meanwhile, moisture receipts will likely remain below normal across south central Kansas into west central Oklahoma and northwestern Texas. While moisture needs this time of year are very low for wheat as it remains in dormancy, an upturn in moisture will be critical for these areas once it emerges from dormancy.

However, a drier pattern is expected to continue across the majority of the region in March, which will likely result in some significant stress as spring crop growth resumes. An upturn in rains is possible across the heart of the hard red wheat belt in April, though, which should begin to improve moisture supplies and crop conditions. The rains will be critical to prevent substantial yield reductions for the wheat crop.

By: Don Keeney
Senior Ag Meteorologist
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