Farmers hedged crop, or should have.

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This was my comment this am which doesnt get out till late. Plenty of ideas out there if you need. Corn closed over this smaller ols, next levels have been posted. I am not here to bother any of you non clients but if you cant find something of interest in these chart levels. Buy meats little lower. Hogs June had a big olb. We got stopped, too tight but came back. Buy tomorrow lower, TL under also. Cotton may be topping. Too much else to write about. Have a great day. KC WN short beans against? Grain stocks end of month beans go out on lows? Who knows just TOL.

Don't be short KC imo! Look out over highs 5.63, or 65. Hot and Dry and I don't care about fundamental news. I care about price action at my levels.

Have a great day. Trump has dont more for markets than maybe anyone in last 30 years.

NASD HAS OLS JUNE 6988. Like cotton closing few ticks under ols. That means to me it is still live shorts in nasd and CT. It may go higher but we stopped there for now.

Thursday, March 8, 2018
6:42 AM

Farmers hedged crop, or should have.

Beans- $10.82.5 ols stands with tight stops but another olive sell ols, and an even bigger level of focus just above that. Corn Dec $4.06.5 kissed a chuck if your crop especially if you were sitting on a cool million bu.s on this 30+c gift. 4.15, 425, one and more.
Safest tine to trade is right in front of reports when they're running the p out of meal shorts into heavy tl resist 1st time up. Yeah my levels are that tight. Apr Hogs hit an olb. I must apologize to one of you in keeping loss too tiny while I had a tl right under but not hit. That LHJ action is oh so typical of how I say be like a pit trader and buy it back over!
The evil algos go stop hunting have replaced human put traders with unlimited margin too risk. Its about going to my extreme ol because the algos will sell to this level in a zigzagging price action that is data scientists programed to stop out, as many players as possible, enough on human psychology.

Cotton bells and whistles along with soymeal. Meal feels like you can bid for anything and get it, underlying tone imo.

WHY DONT COMMERCIALS run crush all year? Where is the free market there? If the mkt puts meal up in this high quintile, why dont comm crush 24/7?

Bunge- I have said since the trading pits closed that commercials sell to the funds too cheaply. When you can buy 100k futures (5k bu.s) in a day or two? Well I see Bunge may have been the guys a little too eager or stupid to trade making tight mkt for funds, all the mofu time. Did you see Bloom headline about our guy going to Africa? It was headline shithole country today. Yep, this is DOA playing out now on TV. Senator saying f you, Meet the Press months back? The swamp aint giving up corporate welfare recipient status. AMZN, my 1st broker when I was a discretionary trader Tudor is in forensic accounting. If you ever want to talk about that accounting scam brewing live?

Does your broker give this kind of service for 2 ticks that may save you 50, 100 ticks or more when idea hits like me saying sell, lighten up longs or just plain, let's go for jugular shorting this with 3 cent stops!

Kwn- 4.62 1/2 stands as major. What are your predetermined rules on trading overnight? How many years have you studied and come up with rules? Initiating, to new entry?

Cotton- july dec moved what, $7.00! Lord o lord spreaders. Whats that chary look like? This could be a top, we closed under 84.57 which is utmost important
Cotton got over very decent ols, took out the shorts. Yeah a guy got doinked but it may have given bears chance yesterday. You only play my levels with tight stops.

I have tried to put this out early because I want to help real human producers against the Indian hft-ers . Asian and Indian HFT are two different animals as discussed this am with a BarChart Pro on way to exchange. I know you have studied that. Most of the people around the exchange are these type of programmers that have zero common sense walking out into traffic due to ATP addicted to phones Lmao.

Anyways I think a tradable top is in the grains cited. BOK by way 31 60 olb miss by tick hit 33 almost. Thats my disclaimer. Risk what? 20 and it caught for 100+?
Beans and kc hit in o/n. Game on and now we catch hopefully falling knife as the funds resell wheat down to, ah enough.
These will be the biggest markets for Macro traders looking to profit when opportunity happens in hft fast mkts. Smart orders?

Do you use? Understand? I have a rancher who really is full a bull that had a feeder hit since coming in board but it hit 1.20 profit in 1 or 3 min.s meaning a smart order risk .20c make 1.00 was done by these hft algos. When it stopped us out but took off like a son of a gun as algos flip long boys.

Understanding simple pit trader rules on why this type of trader profile is only way I see to go about trading in my 30,000 hours of chart price action study. Forget the time its price we care about most.
Sure I throw in things like hey this imo is just like beans when I came out on Inside futures with my month early sn 9.07 loaf the boat, or DO NOT HEDGE BEANS down there in June (hey is March a,,) up big early down the rat hole into grain stocks late? In what I speak long term players. This was a gift from last Christmas just like one before that in silver and wheat. Remember? Go back and check it when GS said no inflation far as eye can see.

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